Injury Attorneys in Live Oak, FL Know Effective Methods for Negotiating with Insurers

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Injury Attorney


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Insurance claims adjusters can be difficult to negotiate with. That’s part of their job, as their employer naturally wants to pay out as little money as possible on claims. An insurer and an injured person may have very different ideas on what reasonable compensation should be. That’s why injury attorneys in Live Oak, FL offer their clients an advantage in negotiations. They know what cases are worth, as indicated by previous settlement offers and legal decisions. They can also discover the typical amount any particular insurance company is likely to pay for certain kinds of injuries.

An insurance company may dispute the severity of an injury, the need for ongoing medical care and therapy, or the length of time the person must be off work. If the person wants to claim compensation for intangible factors, success can be nearly impossible without legal representation by injury attorneys in Live Oak, FL. Insurance companies tend to balk at the prospect of paying a person for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, or a reduction in quality of life. Yet those are often valid claims after a serious injury occurs.

Adjusters may tell the injured person that this is the final, top-dollar offer. That can be nerve-wracking as the person tries to decide whether there is truth behind this statement or whether it’s simply a strategic tactic. When a lawyer becomes involved, insurance companies quickly become motivated to make more reasonable offers. Although the possibility of actually proceeding to a court trial is slim, the companies do not want to take that risk. They would rather end the ongoing negotiations with an offer that is more in line with what the injured person expects.

There typically is some back-and-forth communication and further negotiating before a final deal is reached. This may all be done in writing. An attorney like Duane E. Thomas knows the most effective methods for communicating with insurers and reaching an optimum settlement. The client no longer has to worry about dealing with the situation; he or she turns the reins over to the lawyer. Please visit to learn how to schedule a free initial consultation with this particular attorney.

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