Commercial Landscape Companies Provide Options for Tree Care

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Could the trees surrounding your business use a little pruning, or is it time for a major cleanup? Before you go searching for a tree service, you might want to consider all the options your landscaper has to offer.

Commercial landscape companies work with all different types of clients and offer many different services beyond mowing and trimming. They can help commercial properties that are in need of some curb appeal and most can even help with your property’s tree care needs. Here are a few of the services local commercial landscape companies can offer to care for the trees around your business.


Commercial landscapers are professionals who know how to take special care with specific types of trees and shrubs to keep them looking healthy for the long-term.

Bracing and Cabling

Trees that are at risk or weak for any reason can be braced or cabled. This action limits the movement of the tree in order to allow it to establish solid roots for more support later on.

Lightning Protection
The last thing a company owner wants to see when they come into their business after a storm is one of their prized trees struck by lightning and torn apart. Lightning protection involves copper stakes buried sixty to eighty feet away from the tree. Connecting copper wire is run to the height of the tree out to the stakes. The copper conductors are installed at the top of the tree, and after installation, you need to have the wiring and conductors inspected annually.
Tree Removal Services

When a tree needs to be removed, commercial landscape companies will safely and professionally remove trees from your business property. This is the most dangerous service they offer, and all removals are done with strict diligence to protect both the employees and the property.

Stump Grinding Services

After a tree has been removed, the remaining stump can be ground away to prevent safety hazards or for aesthetic purposes.


Certified arborists will help select the proper types of trees for your business’s property and its micro climate. Whether you’re replacing a tree lost to removal or adding a new tree to a landscape, arborists can help you make certain the new tree will add value to the property.

Disease, Pest, and Root Management

Certified arborists are educated in diagnosing disease, pests, and root complications of any tree or plant. They will help heal a tree or eliminate surface roots from a tree in order to be sure it complements your property, rather than taking away from its value.


Fertilizing the soil is the key factor in long-term health for trees and shrubs. Arborists will take samples from your soil to assess it for its overall needs, and then they will compile a specific soil fertilization program for your plants.

Consider hiring a professional landscape company for your commercial property’s needs. Remember – an aesthetically pleasing property indicates professionalism and keeps clients and customers safe.

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