Common Garage Door Problems

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Having a garage door that won’t work can be a pain, especially if you park in your garage and need to open and close the door by hand to get your car in and out. There is a list of reasons that may explain your trouble, and some of them can be fixed by yourself instead of having to call a repair company. However, there will be some cases where you will need to call someone who repairs garage doors in Melbourne, FL. Here are some common problems with garage doors.

It may seem obvious, but check the batteries in the transmitter first. Some people may not think about that and just assume that there is something wrong with the mechanism. If changing the battery doesn’t work, the next thing to check is the photo eye. This is the sensor that senses when something is in the way so that the garage door won’t close on a person. If the door is opening, but not closing, there may be something in the way of the sensor or a problem with the sensor itself. Clean the eye and make sure the alignment isn’t off.

Another problem is a misaligned track, which is a serious problem that needs addressing. These problems will usually get worse until it becomes dangerous to operate the door at all. This is when calling a repair person is recommended to fix the alignment as well as any damage that came to the track from the misalignment.

Although some of these problems are more concerning than others, having a garage door that won’t work is a nuisance that nobody should have to put up with. If you can’t identify the problem, or if there is a problem that you cannot fix on your own, there are many repair people that can work on garage doors in Melbourne FL, so you can find one to help you. Contact for more information.

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