The Important Process of Problematic Mold Removal in Alexandria, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


One thing most homeowners notice while cleaning their homes is occasional mold issues. This is extremely common in places like the bathroom. In situations like these, general household cleaners or a water and bleach solution will typically take care of any spot mold that has surfaced.

There are instances where mold will grow in areas where it shouldn’t or mold seems to continue to grow at an alarming rate regardless of the cleanings a particular area receives. In these situations, a homeowner may need to contact a company that provides professional Mold Removal in Alexandria VA.

Signs of a Significant Mold Issue

Some issues with mold aren’t serious and can be taken care of quite quickly. In other situations, the problem can be rather significant. The issue that homeowners may have to understand is that just because mold is showing up in particular areas doesn’t necessarily indicate the surface mold is the main issue. Mold can be growing in the wall cavity, and the areas of mold the homeowner sees may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Identifying and Remediating Mold

In these cases, professional Mold Removal in Alexandria VA will first determine the source of the mold and the scope of the problem. From this determination, an effective form of remediation can be suggested and carried out. This may mean cleaning various areas or it could include removing and replacing materials, such as wood, insulation, and drywall that has been seriously compromised by mold.

In addition, tests will be taken to determine the type of mold that is currently growing. It could be something fairly harmless or it can be toxic and life-threatening. In these cases, the homeowner and the home occupants may have to vacate the property until the mold has been professionally remediated.

Mold can be a significant problem. Not only can it damage building and flooring materials, it can put a person’s health in serious jeopardy. People with respiratory issues or weak immune systems can become seriously ill because of exposure to mold. Even with people who are healthy, long-term exposure to toxic mold can make them quite sick. For this reason, if you feel you have a mold problem that is beyond the use of household cleaners, check out the PMSI Mold Treatment Division.

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