Common Questions For Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers In Springboro, OH

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2017


In Ohio, consumers and visitors could sustain injuries in a variety of circumstances in which a property owner fails them. The most common premise liabilities are associated with publicly-accessible properties and events. Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers in Springboro OH provide answers for victims of these premise liabilities.

Who is Accountable for Collisions in the Parking Lot?

The property owner is responsible for accidents that are their fault directly. If the collision was caused by a failure to maintain the asphalt in the parking lot, the property owner would be responsible for injuries, medical costs, and all auto repair requirements. If the collision was caused by another driver’s action, the property owner isn’t responsible any of these costs.

Do Store Safety Policies Apply in These Cases?

Yes, if the manager doesn’t enforce common safety policies in their stores it is more likely that customers will fall and sustain injuries. Common conditions are associated with wet flooring or chemical spills that weren’t managed properly, and they are related to insubordinate employees that fail to do their jobs. Managers that don’t enforce the policies actively face frequent circumstances in which their customers become injured and could file a legal claim against the store.

Who is Liable for Slip and Fall Injuries on a Construction Site?

It depends on how the accident happens primarily; however, typically the construction company is at fault. The liability lies in whether or not they are aware of dangerous conditions and failed to warn passersby or their workers. Additionally, if the accident is associated with faulty safety equipment used by workers, the construction company holds the liability.

What can Victims Expect During Their Case?

It is likely that the defendant will make attempts to settle out of court. The victim should allow their attorney to manage all communications with the defendant. Any information collected by the defendant or their attorney can be used in the case.

In Ohio, consumers and visitors may become injured due to a failure of a property owner to provide an adequate duty. This could include a failure to acquire repairs or property maintenance in a timely manner. Victims who need to speak to Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers in Springboro OH can find more information here today.

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