Signs it is Time to Call for Commercial Roofing Services in Oahu

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance


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Modern commercial roofs are designed to last for three to four decades. However, there are some situations when a roof may lose its structural integrity. The good news is, this type of damage doesn’t just appear suddenly. There are clear indications of a problem that requires a building owner to call for commercial roofing services in Oahu.

The Formation of water Spots on the Ceiling

The presence of leaks in a commercial building’s roof can be identified if there are yellow water spots on the ceiling that grow or darken, especially after it has rained. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to determine the precise source of leaks since water may travel before it leaks through.

There are several different reasons that these leaks may occur from issues with the plumbing to pipe condensation and more. It is best to hire a professional for Commercial Roofing Services in Oahu when this issue is found.

Downspouts and Gutters that are Clogged with Granules

If the gutters or downspouts become clogged, then this may be a sign that the shingles on the commercial building have begun to deteriorate. This is a serious problem and one that requires immediate attention. While it is common for some debris to be present, if there is a sudden increase, especially after it has rained, then this is definitely a reason to be concerned.

The shingles are a crucial component of the entire structure as they provide protection against UV rays and work to keep the interior of the building cooler. If the granules are all washed away, then the shingles may become brittle or even develop bald spots. This type of issue requires a building owner to call for professional service and repair as soon as possible.

A commercial roof is tough. It is designed to stand up to the elements and protect the interior of the building. However, issues may occur. Knowing what the most common problems are will help a building owner know when it is time to call for professional service and repairs. More information about roof damage can be found by taking the time to contact us.

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