Comparing Reception Halls in Fort Wayne, IN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


The chapel for the wedding is reserved, but there is still the matter of where to hold the reception. Fortunately, there are plenty of Reception Halls in Fort Wayne IN to consider. When comparing the merits of each one, keep these factors in mind. Doing so will make it easier to settle on the right one.


Once of the quickest ways to narrow the options for reception halls in Fort Wayne IN is to find out which ones are already booked for the day. All it takes is one quick phone call to find out about any given hall. When the space is already reserved, scratch it off the list and go on to the next one in line. Before long, the list will be narrowed down to a more manageable level.


How far away is the hall located from the site of the ceremony? The last thing that the couple wants is for guests to drive all the way across town for the reception. Try to locate halls that are no more than five miles away from the chapel. When possible, look closely at venues that can be reached with a minimum of turns. That will make things easier for the out of town guests who may not know their way around.


There’s no point in reserving a reception hall that cannot accommodate the guests, the food, the band, and anything else that the couple has in mind. Make sure any hall under consideration has more than enough space. Doing so will ensure there is plenty of room for people to be comfortable and move around without having to turn sideways.


When planning a wedding, it does pay to keep everything within a reasonable budget. That includes the rental fee for the reception hall. When two halls have similar qualities but one happens to be more affordable, go with the less costly option and put the extra money aside for the honeymoon.

For anyone who needs help with locations and planning for weddings and receptions, contact the team at Classic Cafe Inc today. After spending some time going over the details, it will be easy to ensure everything is in order, and all the couple has to do is show up.

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