The Top Ten Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in NJ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


So you’ve been injured in a slip and fall case or you’ve experienced medical malpractice at the hands of a negligent doctor and you need help winning your case. Hiring a lawyer or an attorney can help you out greatly! Here are the top ten reasons why you should hire a lawyer if you’ve experienced a personal injury and someone needs to pay:

1. Experience

A personal injury lawyer in NJ has more experience with cases such as yours and they are able to tell you at the beginning if it’s worth pursuing legal action or not. If you are unlikely to win the case, you can avoid the expense and time of preparing for litigation.

2. No Fees If You Don’t Win

A personal injury lawyer will work for a contingency fee, which means if you don’t win the case, you won’t pay attorney fees. You are responsible for certain expenses that are not directly related to the attorney’s services, such as fees doctors will charge to review your records or for being interviewed.

3. Red Tape

There are many complicated legal procedures, terms, and paperwork that commonly have to be addressed in a personal injury case. A personal injury lawyer will walk you through this red tape and help you get through it.

4. Investigative Team

Attorneys work with a team of investigators that have experience in special areas will skillfully examine the technical aspects of the case.

5. Objectivity

Lawyers are objective about your case when you are feeling frustrated, afraid, or angry. All of these emotions can cloud your judgment, and a personal lawyer can help you not make a rash decision.

6. Alternative Dispute Resolution

A lengthy and complicated trial does not always have to occur to resolve a case. An experienced attorney will know when something can be worked out when the case absolutely has to go to trial.

7. Experience with Other Lawyers

An experienced lawyer will deal effectively and quickly with the opposing attorney in the case. This is important when there is a fact-finding part of the process when parties are required to exchange documents and facts.

8. Experience with Insurance Companies

A personal injury lawyer can be used when you are working with an insurance company, and they will not be confused by tactics or feel pressured to take a settlement.

9. Best Settlements

Most personal injury cases are resolved by negotiating a settlement rather than going to trial. Settlements mean the plaintiff gives up the right to sue in exchange for a payment from the insurance company or the defendant. Personal injury attorneys negotiate a settlement on behalf of the client.

10. Best Jury Verdicts

If it has to come to a trial, lawyers can represent you in court and work to achieve the best possible verdict for you. They will develop a legal strategy designed to help obtain compensation for your injuries.

Hiring a lawyer when you have been personally injured will greatly increase your odds of winning your case.

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