Conditions Corrected By Maxillofacial Surgery In Effingham, IL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


In Illinois, patients that have sustained injuries or are suffering from abnormal developments are transferred to a maxillofacial surgeon. These surgeons perform a variety of procedures to correct conditions that affect the face, neck, mouth, and head. A local surgeon performs Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham IL to remedy these conditions quickly.

Correcting the Positioning of the Jaw

The position of the jaw can lead to conditions such as an over or underbite as well as TMJ and other conditions that produce pain. The surgeon can perform a procedure to correct the way the jaw is positioned and eliminate these conditions more effectively. This could provide a more even bite and improvements when the patient chews or speaks.

Correcting Facial Injuries

After any type of facial injury, the surgeon performs reconstructive surgery to correct these conditions. This could include repairing bones as well as facial muscles and lowering the chances of scaring whenever possible. The surgeons also focus on re-establishing function to the face and mouth which can include correcting jaw-related injuries that affect speech and the patient’s ability to chew.

Eliminating Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea prevents patients from acquiring enough oxygen when they sleep and causes them to awaken feeling exhausted. The primary cause for this condition is usually the position of the jaw or a deviated septum that prevents adequate airflow while the patient sleeps. The surgeon can correct these conditions and eliminate sleep apnea entirely.

Correcting Birth Defects

Birth defects that are corrected by the maxillofacial surgeons could include but are not limited to cleft pallets and cleft lips. Other conditions such as craniosynostosis can also be corrected through a series of surgeries provided by these medical professionals. They correct abnormal developments when the patients are babies if possible; however, some adults may seek additional surgeries to eliminate scars.

In Illinois, surgical procedures could provide patients with remedies for conditions that could affect the way they speak or chew. These conditions could also affect the patient’s self-esteem and their overall outlook on life. Patients who need to undergo Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham IL contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. and schedule an appointment right now.

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