How Hiring A Professional For Dog Walking In Omaha, NE Can Increase The Quality Of Life For Pets Of All Ages

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Pets


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Individuals who own a dog know how fun it can be to come home to a loving ball of fur that is excited to get to spend time with their family. As much fun as they are, a pet that is not adequately exercised can cause frustration, as they will likely have so much energy they will be too complicated to train and genuinely enjoy. Fortunately, regular exercise can help combat this issue, which is why more pet owners choose to use a doggy daycare facility or a professional that provides Dog Walking in Omaha NE to help keep their pet exercised.

Weight Reduction

Just like humans, dogs that are overweight are likely to experience a vast number of health issues that can drastically affect their quality of life. While healthy eating is a great first step, it is also important to provide a dog with opportunities for exercise, as this will increase weight loss and overall health. A dog walker or puppy daycare facility will give a dog a fun way to get exercise so they can look and feel their best.

Mental Stimulation

Let’s face it. Dogs that do nothing all day can become bored, which can lead to behavioral issues and problems with anxiety-derived chewing. Keeping a dog mentally stimulated will help prevent the onset of these common issues and allow them to become better trained and easier to handle. Regular walks and play times encourage stimulation as do new toys and fun treat options.

Socialization Skills

A dog that is not exposed to other dogs will likely act very nervous around other furry friends, which can lead to aggression issues or cause them to withdrawal. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to ensure a dog is socialized during their younger years. Activities such as Dog Walking in Omaha NE and time at a daycare facility will allow a pet to become used to other animals and prevent the onset of issues with their behavior in the future.

While it can be a lot of work to keep a dog healthy, there are ways to make it easier. Cottonwood Pet Resort offers daycare, kenneling, and grooming services that will help keep a pet in optimal health. To learn more about the services they provide, be sure to visit

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