Considerations for Power Washing in Suffolk County for Patios and Decks

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Power Washing in Suffolk County is often used to clean patios and decks, making these outdoor living spaces look almost like new. The technique uses heated water driven at high pressure to remove substances such as mildew, algae, and bug debris. Patios are most commonly made of concrete or brick, while decks are usually crafted from wood or vinyl. Homeowners will naturally wonder whether power washing is safe for these materials before they hire someone to do the project.

Wood is the most susceptible of these four materials to damage from the pressure. High-pressure water directed by a nozzle into a very thin stream can even etch stone and metal. For that reason, the equipment is set at a lower pressure and a wider fan spray when used to clean wood. In addition, technicians who do Power Washing in Suffolk County keep the nozzle relatively far away from the wood. The equipment is still very effective at blasting away all the unwanted substances that have accumulated on the deck.

When it comes to vinyl, higher pressure can be used, but technicians keep the setting lower than they might for concrete. They also are more likely to use a mild detergent product when washing vinyl decking. Homeowners have probably already discovered they can easily wipe away a small amount of grime from vinyl features with a damp, soft cloth and dish soap. Power washing is intended for bigger jobs, as it makes quick work of a project that might otherwise take most of the day.
When using the proper techniques, washing concrete and brick with this equipment is no problem. Lower pressure might be advisable when cleaning brick. Mild detergent solutions can be applied to both materials for better results.

Many homeowners consider renting a power washer and doing the project themselves. That’s an option, of course, but hiring professionals like Ace Home Cleaning typically results in more effective work since the technicians are very experienced. It also dramatically lowers the possibility of damage that an inexperienced person might unintentionally inflict on the surface being cleaned. Visit the Site to learn more about this particular organization.

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