Keep Employees Dry and Happy With Reliable Commercial Roofing in Clarksville, MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


The roof of a building is one of its most important facets, and this can be especially true for commercial properties because they often need to protect people or expensive assets from the effects of nature. However, roofing materials can age, and an old roof is an accident just waiting to happen. For instance, the sealant around roofing details can crack and let rain enter the structure. Roofing details can be a number of things including flashing, vents, and dormers. Experts with Commercial Roofing in Clarksville MD can inspect the roof for signs of failure and determine the best steps to repair them.

One of the most common types of commercial roofing is BUR (built-up roofing) because this roofing solution is budget friendly. This can be very useful for large buildings because replacing a roof can be a costly endeavor, and every business needs to control expenses. BUR is a mixture of several products layered together. It begins with a reliable decking material over a set of supporting joists. Commercial Roofing in Clarksville MD can use either wood or metal for both the joists and decking. The actual material will usually depend on the size of the building. Steel is preferred since this metal is much stronger than wood.

Over the decking is a membrane-;typically roofing felt. This is used mostly as protection for the decking and the felt is overlapped so water cannot seep beneath it. Next is a layer of asphalt roofing. Multiple layers of membranes and asphalt are added until the roof is thick enough to handle the weather. One benefit of BUR is the ability to add new layers when the roofing needs major repairs. Minor issues can usually be fixed with patches.

Alternatives to the BUR system include polymers such as TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and a synthetic rubber known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer). TPO is typically installed in long sheets. This makes it easier to weld the seams with automated tools. Properly welded seams make the roofing stronger. EPDM is a thicker material that provides better insulating value, but it can also be used as a reflective roof. Bouncing the solar rays off of the building can reduce heat buildup. Get more details about commercial roofing solutions from Liberty Windows and Siding.

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