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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Family law matters require personal attention and the experience of a family law attorney in Tacoma, WA. Family members, friends, and strangers will offer their version of legal advice from their experience with a divorce, child support, or custody matter. Although their intentions are good, the only advice an individual should listen to is the one from an experienced family law attorney. Choices made during a divorce will affect an individual’s life forever.


In many situations, one of the partners in the marriage wants to finalize the divorce as quickly as possible and will agree with everything the opposing side presents. In this emotional time, those involved could strap themselves to the excessive financial burden by agreeing to pay the bills or by giving away assets. A family law attorney in Tacoma, WA will keep an individual focused on the legal aspects and the ramifications of their decisions before the divorce is complete.

Child Custody

Courts prefer that a child have equal access to both parents with a joint custody arrangement. This type of arrangement will depend on the child’s best interests and the ability of the parents to get along. Joint custody doesn’t always mean each parent will have equal time with the child but does include both parents having the right to make important decisions regarding their child’s life.

Child Support

Calculating child support can get complicated when one parent is carrying a child on their health insurance or if there are special needs that need to be met. An experienced attorney will review the income of both parties and address money or income that isn’t being reported by the opposing party. Child support is intended to support a child’s lifestyle after the parents are divorced and it must be used for any necessities the child will need.

Every family law case has a unique set of issues surrounding it and the laws can change quickly. A family law attorney should have outstanding negotiation skills and experience in front of a judge. The attorney should always provide you with the necessary information to make an informed legal decision. If you’re facing a family law case, please visit website to find out how they can help you through this challenging time.

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