Selective Catalytic Reduction Is More Than Just About Vehicle Performance

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) controls the emissions of diesel engines. When liquid-reduction agents (like Blue DEF) are automatically injected into the fuel, the nitrogen oxide is converted into environmentally friendly chemicals. The emissions can be converted into a combination of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogen gas.

The point of using this technology is to reduce the emissions from trucks and other commercial vehicles. To meet the new EPA regulations, vehicles are designed with SCR systems included. A reduction agent, like Blue DEF, must constantly be filled, or else fitted vehicles will have a noticeable decrease in performance. Many large trucks will have storage tanks fitted so that a large amount of DEF will be available for long hauls. A Blue DEF distributor in Florida may be contacted to obtain bulk diesel exhaust fluid.

How would SCR affect my vehicle’s performance?

SCR is not some form of turbocharging to make your vehicle go faster, but it can allow your vehicle to run cleaner and more efficiently, thus improving gas mileage. SCR reduces pollutants produced from trucks, and it may increase the fuel efficiency depending on market prices. The cost may be reduced if storage tanks are filled up in bulk from a Blue DEF distributor in Florida.

Why Blue DEF?

Blue DEF is one of the few reduction agents that fully meets the new ISO 22241 standards. This brand is widely used in Selective Catalytic Reduction systems installed in commercial diesel vehicles. Blue DEF is also one of the most widely available brands available at gas stations and truck stops. Altogether, not only is it readily available, but it is an established and reputable solution to allow your vehicle to run cleaner.

Jack Becker Distributors is the primary Florida based Blue DEF distributor in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. The company has over 50 years of experience in lubrication distribution and was founded by a World War II veteran. Their clients consist of many heavy-duty service providers, agricultural companies and truck stops.

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