Contacting One Of The Funeral Directors in Bel Air To Discuss Ceremony Arrangements

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


It is a trend in current days to pre-plan for a funeral. This is a great option that one may want to consider if they wish to relieve their loved ones of the burden in arranging for a funeral ceremony. Pre-planning for a funeral will also take away the worry of paying for a funeral ceremony as the deceased will take care of the payment in advance of their death. One can speak to one of the Funeral Directors in Bel Air about the specifics they would like to use for their own ceremony if desired. Here are some of the options one has available to choose from.

The Type Of Resting Place To Use

When a funeral ceremony is pre-planned, the person doing the arrangements will be able to decide if they would like to be buried in a cemetery or if they would like to be cremated. After this decision is made, they will be able to pick out the type of casket they would like used or urn for ashes to rest if desired. These can be personalized with wording, a material can be picked out for the interior of a casket, or different sized urns can be picked if the ashes are to be distributed to different family members.

The Order Of Events And Special Features

A ceremony will be created exactly as the person wishes. This can include having selected speakers or specific music to be played. Speech can be written to be read to any guests who attend the ceremony, making the ceremony a truly personalized experience. Balloons, butterflies, or doves can be released if desired.

The Payment Of The Arrangements Selected

When someone pre-plans a funeral, they have the option of having a payment plan to pay for the event. They could also pay for all of the features they had selected in full if they wish. Either way, the ceremony would be handled so family and friends would not be expected to find the funds to pay for the funeral home.

When someone wishes to pre-plan their own funeral, they can contact one of the Funeral Directors in Bel Air to get started. A sit-down discussion about details will be conducted to ensure the ceremony is done exactly as one wishes. One can browse the website of Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services to find out more today.

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