Contemporary Living: Tips for Arranging Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne, IN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


The process of planning a reception to take place after a wedding ceremony is not the piece of cake that many people think. There’s more to consider than where to set up the wedding cake and laying out some food for the guests. Here are some tips for modern wedding receptions in Fort Wayne IN that will serve the planners well.

A Second Look at the Food

An afternoon wedding followed with a reception usually calls for including plenty of finger foods, or at least foods that can be served directly from the food tables. While the inclination may be to go with traditional fare, take the time to check out the guest list carefully. Are there guests who have to monitor their carbohydrate intake? Perhaps there are a few who must be mindful of cholesterol levels. Maybe some follow diets that preclude the use of any animal products.

Since the goal is to ensure every guest has something to eat, plan the menu with all of these issues in mind. Doing so has the benefit of including a wider variety of foods, including some options that other people have never thought about serving at a wedding reception.

How About the Music?

Hiring a band is not really in the budget, but that doesn’t mean the event has to be without some type of music. Many professional planners for wedding receptions in Fort Wayne IN can help clients great digital music mixes that will run in a loop on a laptop computer. It’s easy enough to arrange the individual tracks, connect speakers to the computer and activate the player. If there’s the need to pause for an announcement or to make a toast, all it takes is one mouse click.

Enough Room for Everything

Guests need places to sit, preferably with tables to go with the chairs. Space should have room for a receiving line, plus room set aside for the food, drink, and cakes. Don’t forget the need to include enough room for the guests and the newlyweds to dance.

Before attempting to plan a reception, get more information about different ways to take care of the details. Call a professional and tap into the knowledge and resources that the planner brings to the table. Doing so will ensure everyone has a great time and remembers the event fondly for years to come.

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