What to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Catering Service in Fort Wayne IN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


Food is one of the top expenses when planning a wedding. It’s important to know exactly what the caterer promises to provide before signing a contract. There are several things a bride-to-be should ask before hiring a Wedding Catering Service in Fort Wayne IN.

Cost Per Meal

Many caterers charge depending on how many people are attending the event. It’s common for the caterer to charge per meal. Make sure the full price per meal is disclosed before agreeing to use their services.

If the cost the caterer quotes is more than the budget allows, look elsewhere. It’s never smart to overspend on food, especially since other unforeseen costs may creep up later during the planning process. Make sure the final catering price is included in the contract before signing.


This may seem like common sense, but many couples get their heart set on a certain Wedding Catering Service in Fort Wayne IN before finding out if they’re available for the wedding date. Don’t test foods or plan a sample menu until availability is confirmed. This will help prevent disappointment later on.

Food Options

With so many people following different dietary lifestyles, such as vegetarian or gluten-free, many brides are opting to have several menu options available at their wedding. Make sure the caterer is able to meet all of these requirements. Determine a set menu before agreeing to use their services.

Hidden Fees

No one wants to get a bill from their caterer, only to find several additional fees they didn’t know about. Ask any potential caterer is they charge additional fees for specific services, including cake cutting and serving. Some caterers even charge a fee for tastings.

If alcohol is included in the catering fee, find out if they provide a bartender or if that is an extra cost. Be sure to ask if a champagne toast is included in the package. It’s also smart to know if the caterer has a clean up crew, or if they leave that job for the venue.

There are many great caterers, such as Classic Cafe Inc, that want to make your wedding a memorable day. Be sure to ask the catering company several questions about their services before agreeing to hire them for your special day.

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