Copeland Refrigeration Compressors – Should You Buy New or Remanufactured for Your Business?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Copeland refrigeration compressors is a well respected name in the field of commercial refrigeration. You can depend on these compressors for exceptional durability and reliability for many years. In addition, they are designed to provide low levels of noise without sacrificing power or efficiency. In fact, they are known for high efficiency and eco friendly operation. However, nothing lasts forever and you may eventually have to replace one of these fine compressors. So, do you buy new or explore the benefits of a remanufactured compressor? Here are some things to consider before you buy.

New Copeland Refrigeration Compressors

If you decide to buy a brand new Copeland compressor for your refrigeration unit, you will not be disappointed with the service. Your new compressor should perform well for a number of years with few problems. However, many companies today are turning to remanufactured compressors because they offer a variety of advantages to businesses both large and small.


When you run a business, operating costs are a major concern. In fact, anything you can do to keep these costs down should be carefully considered. When you choose the right remanufacturing company, you can enjoy many of the benefits of a new compressor for as much as half the price of new. In other words, why spend all the extra money if you do not have to?

Why Remanufactured is So Much Better Than Used

A quality remanufactured compressor is much cheaper than buying a new one. In addition, when you choose the right provider, you will own an excellent compressor which will perform well. So often, many people confuse the terms “used” and remanufactured. In reality, these two terms are very different.

A used compressor may simply be a part salvaged from a damaged refrigeration unit. Although Copeland refrigeration compressors are well-made, there is no way to tell what kind of condition a used compressor is in when you buy it. In other words, it may run perfectly for years or break down within a short amount of time. In addition, you rarely receive a warranty when you buy used parts.

Good as New

Many remanufactured Copeland refrigeration compressors are basically as good as new when you choose a company who understands the importance of the remanufacturing process. All important parts are replaced or inspected and the entire unit is tested extensively. Plus, you receive a full one year warranty which can be extended. When you add up all the benefits of remanufactured compressors, you should check them out before considering a new purchase.

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