Industrial Air Compressor Suppliers On Compressor Machine Selection

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jul, 2019


When it comes to choosing the right industrial air compressors, suppliers can offer intelligent and worthwhile suggestions on what they think you need to consider before purchasing one. By contacting them and listening to what they have to say, you can, if nothing else, reduce your options. Even if you choose not to purchase the brands they recommend, you can at least heed their advice on how to select an air compressor for your specific shop or facility.

Factors to Consider

In choosing an industrial air compressor, the first thing you need to look at is the application. No matter what other factors industrial air compressor suppliers may list as major contributors to the selection process, the application is primary. It supersedes all others. For example, if you operate an auto body shop is generally more likely to achieve better results by employing a radial-screw compressor. However, scroll compressors are more common in pharmaceutical, food packaging, and electronics where the demand is for very clean air. Other factors a potential buyer must consider are:

  • Size: The size of the system required for optimal functionality
  • Degree of Usage: Continuous or intermittent use?
  • Noise level: This is particularly of interest if the compressor is located indoors in close proximity to employees
  • Safety: This should always be of top priority

Another factor that is always of prime concern is cost. Industrial air compressors vary widely in terms of price. In general, scroll compressors can be less expensive, or at least more cost-effective, to operate.

Taking Advice from Industrial Air Compressor Suppliers

When it comes to purchasing the right industrial air compressor, suppliers can prove to be helpful. They know specific brands and models as well as ample and significant information about diverse types of compressors. By combining the data and specifications you have received from company engineers with practical information as well as data from suppliers, you reduce the risk of purchasing an inappropriate compressor.

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