Correcting Tooth Damage With Tooth Fillings And Other Options

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


In North Carolina, dental patients undergo a multitude of procedures to correct tooth damage. These procedures can range from single to more complex. The dentist provides these procedures according to the patient’s requirements and how severe the damage is. The following are details about the correction processes in which Tooth Fillings are used.

Cavities Due to Improper Oral Care

Cavities are a primary reason that fillings are used. The composite resin is used after the dentist has removed all decay from the damaged tooth. The dentist can inject the resin into the tooth and form a strong bond over and inside the tooth. This lowers the risk of tooth loss by addressing the primary issue.

Breaks Due to Eating Hard Foods

Hard foods are another cause of tooth damage. These foods can cause serious damage to teeth. If the patient has brittle or compromised teeth should avoid harder foods whenever possible. If they break their teeth while eating these foods, they will need fillings to correct the damage. The dentist could use a dental bonding for larger breaks. This can present a more aesthetically pleasing smile for the patient.

Sudden Accidents that Cause Damage

Accidents such as auto accidents or sport-related occurrences can also lead to serious tooth damage. In some cases, the patient’s tooth could become dislodged. The dentist can manage these requirements to restore the tooth. They can use fillings or composite resins. They may also choose to add crowns if the tooth is damaged severely.

Restoration for Serious Problems

The restoration process is more complex than a simple filling. These conditions will require at least dental bonding to reconstruct the tooth. The dentist must apply the bonding agent to the damaged tooth and use a sander to reshape it. They also use an ultraviolet light to cure the resin.

In North Carolina, dental patients undergo complex procedures to manage their tooth damaged. These procedures start with simple dental fillings to correct cavities. The composite resin is used to reconstruct teeth as well. Patients who need simple or complex repairs including Tooth Fillings visit to schedule an appointment today.

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