New Ideas For Kitchen And Bath Remodeling In Dublin, OH

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms can add value to a home. There are many new trends that are functional as well as attractive. For example, kitchen sinks do not have to be white or stainless anymore. Many manufacturers offer sinks in interesting colors like apple green. An eye-popping sink gives the kitchen a new focal point. Further, it gives neutral color cabinets a spark. Likewise, the sink color is a good starting point for a back-splash. Choose a tile that includes the sink color.

Apron-front cast iron sinks are getting a second look. Recently, they have been favorites of interior designers. The sink comes in a variety of colors including dune and suede. Cooks like these sinks because they are deep. It makes clean-up a little easier. Do not forget cabinets in Kitchen And Bath Remodeling in Dublin OH. Several designers tout grey as the color of the year for kitchen cabinets. In fact, they call gray “the new white.” Imagine, light gray cabinets blended with grayish wood floors.

Additionally, automation should play a role in any remodel if it is available. Many consumers like the idea of cabinets with hydraulic, easy close doors that fold up by pushing a button. In fact, this technology would benefit many elderly or disabled homeowners. Do you like the sensor-operated faucets in the mall? The same technology is available for the home. Indeed, a hands-free faucet would benefit many busy cooks. Kitchen lights are also available that operate with sensors.

Designers have exciting ideas in mind for bathroom remodels. What do you think of radiant flooring? A warm floor would feel wonderful on a cold morning. This remodel requires some plumbing and electrical work. Many homeowners are removing older bathroom cabinets and sinks. New favorites include floating sinks and freestanding vessel sinks. Showers and baths are very important in Kitchen And Bath Remodeling in Dublin OH. Consumers work hard and they want to come home and relax. Wrap-around steam showers are in demand. Likewise, there are those who want to take a load off in the shower. They accomplish this by adding a bench. If you want to remodel, visit some design sites and get some ideas. Browse the website for more details.

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