Costly Website Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2018

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Have you ever visited a website and immediately regretted your decision because the site was loud, busy, slow to load, difficult to click away from and in general, a big fat headache? If so, you were privy to a rare, real-life example of what to avoid when designing your own business website. Unfortunately, while rare, such sites still exist. You can save your own site from becoming such a dinosaur by investing in professional web design in Madison, WI, and by knowing which web design mistakes to avoid.

Your Website Is Slow

If your website takes more than three seconds to load, the probability of bounce increases by 32 percent. Website speed has long been important, but now that search engines have taken notice, it has become the main focus of web development teams worldwide. If your site is slow to load, visitors aren’t likely to stick around, no matter how much your site has to offer.

Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

Five years ago, users may have been okay with zooming in on a site on their mobile phones, but today, they’re so over such inconveniences. You are not the only person on the web who offers what you offer, and visitors are more likely to turn to a mobile friendly (read: convenient) site than to try to navigate yours. Digital Fitness, a firm that offers web design in Madison, WI, can help you create a responsive, mobile-friendly site users will want to explore.

Your Website Is Not Reader Friendly

This point goes along the same lines as the point above—if users are forced to work when on your site, they’re not likely to stick around. Don’t make users strain their eyes to read your content. Use adequate font sizes, readable fonts, bold colors and headers.

Your Website Has Lots of Links That Open New Browser Pages

Nobody wants to go to navigate away from a website only to discover that they have to close 15 browser pages in order to do so. Test the links on your site. If one or more pages opens in a new browser, talk to your digital marketing company about changing that.

Your Website Lacks Immediately Visible Contact Links or Info

This too goes along the same lines as points two and three—visitors do not want to work to buy from you. If a user cannot immediately find your contact information, they’re more likely to click away than spend precious time searching for it.

The best way to avoid common web design mistakes is to invest in professional web design in Madison, WI. Doing so could be the best business decision you make in 2019.

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