Wear, Wash, Replace: Taking Care of Your Gym Gear

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Your body is not the only thing that you take to the gym. You also have to consider all of the gear that you have and use, such as your workout clothing, towels, and any other items that you might use. You need to take proper care of them to ensure that they are in good condition and that they are not causing any issues for you or those who are working out around you.

Your Shoes
When your workout shoes start to get old and worn out, they can cause some serious problems Since they are not providing you with the support that you need, it means that you could be more prone to developing an injury. When you are participating in a regular physical activity, such as group classes, you are generally going to need to replace your sneakers every nine months to every year. Of course, it will depend on how often you use the sneakers. If you are using them for more than just the workouts, you will need to have them replaced sooner.

Your Clothing and Workout Towel
When you are working out, you are going to sweat. That sweat is going to get into your clothing, and that means that you should be washing them after all of your workouts. Otherwise, they are going to start to stink, which is not something you or those around you want. If you have wicking material for your shorts or shirts, avoid using fabric softener with them, as it will diminish the ability of the material to wick away moisture.

As soon as the workout clothing starts to wear out or wear thin, you should replace it. Keep in mind that as you are starting to lose weight, you are going to eventually need to have smaller and smaller workout clothing. The workout towels, provided you have a good towel to start, can last a long time. Just make sure you are washing them regularly.

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