Create Impressive & Functional Kitchen Design in Small Spaces

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


There has been quite a large trend in recent years for bigger kitchens that have significant space for entertaining friends and family. However, a smaller kitchen can be just as attractive and functional when they are designed carefully, with style and efficiency in mind.

Homeowners who have a small kitchen space need to plan carefully, which will help ensure a great space, regardless of how small it may be. The primary factors that need to be considered include how the space is going to be used and everything that will be needed to create the style required. Remember the primary purpose of the kitchen is to provide you with a place for preparing meals, so the design should be planned around this purpose.


One of the first things to consider when planning your small kitchen design is storage. In a smaller kitchen, creativity may have to be used to ensure there is plenty of storage space. There are a number of other ways to help the kitchen appear bigger, as well.

Open Floor Plans

Using an open floor plan can help a small space feel much larger and allow the space to actually flow into the dining or living area. The colours of the walls can be changed from room to room, helping to create a visual separation. With lighter colours in the kitchen, it will feel much more open since there will be plenty of natural light coming in.

Incorporate Glass

Glass materials will allow to come into the space and bounce around that helps the kitchen look bigger. Glass can be used on tables or counters and for the doors in your cabinets. If you have a door in your kitchen, use a glass door, which will provide views of the outdoors and help to expand the visual space. Also, consider reflective glass tiles, which will create an almost sparkling look in the kitchen.


Using colour properly can help any kitchen appear bigger and it does not have to just be limited to the colour that is on the walls. You can also implement colour in the dishtowels, stools, counters and appliances. If you use pastel or lighter colours it will help to reflect the light and move the eye upward, which helps the space appear much more open. Doing this will also make it possible to use bolder colours on the kitchen walls.

For more information on how to create an efficient small kitchen space that looks great, contact Konstruct Interior Solutions today.

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