Why Would a Parent Consider Giving A Child up For Adoption in Tulsa?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2015


Choosing to raise a child is a serious undertaking. For some people, circumstances make it impossible to provide the care that a child deserves. This is when those birth parents should consider giving a child up for adoption in Tulsa area. Here are some of the more common scenarios that can lead to making this decision.

Economic Factors

In many cases, the reason behind Giving A Child up For Adoption in Tulsa has nothing to do with not loving the child. To the contrary, it is the love that the parent feels for the child that prompts the decision. When the ability to provide the child with the basics necessities is not there, that love will prompt the parent to make the child available to a loving family who will provide love and the material things needed for a reasonable quality of life. While it may be difficult for the birth parents, there is comfort in knowing the child will grow up in a happy home with plenty of food, clothing and at least a few extras he or she may have never had.

Unplanned Pregnancy

At times, the reason behind offering the child for adoption has to do with an unplanned pregnancy. The pregnancy could be the result of an assault or possibly come about due to a relationship that has since ended. Rather than attempt to raise the child alone, the mother makes the decision to offer the child for adoption. Doing so will make it possible to move on from what was an unhappy chapter in life while also giving the child a chance to be part of a family who will love and nurture the baby all the way to adulthood.

Giving a child for adoption is rarely something that is done in haste. When keeping the child for any reason is likely to result in that child growing up in poverty or in a household that is abusive, choosing to give up the son or daughter is the kindest thing the parent can do. Talk with a counselor and explore the reasons why this approach is being considered. Doing so will make it easier to decide how you should handle your current situation.

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