Crushed Limestone in Austin TX for Permeable Landscaping Pavement

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


Property owners who want to start making some big landscaping changes may shop for hardscaping materials in addition to plants. They’ll see pricing for different types of gravel and decorative stone, for instance. Crushed limestone in Austin, TX is a popular choice for placing around shrubbery and for building natural-looking paths in yards. What exactly is limestone made of and why is it so useful for landscaping?

Limestone is a very common material worldwide, making it affordable for landscaping purposes. Its main component is calcium carbonate. Many people are familiar with a substance called lime scale, which builds up on plumbing surfaces due to calcium in the water reacting with soap. In nature, limestone is created from bits of weathered rock as well as from the shells of marine creatures. These two substances are related, but the first one is generally considered a nuisance instead of useful material.

Crushed Limestone in Austin, TX can also be used for driveways, although some minor maintenance will be required. The property owners will likely need to do a little raking every week to return stones to the driveway that have flipped onto the grass. Gravel and decorative stone driveways are known in the industry as permeable pavement. They function as pavement but allow rainwater to easily drain through. That can be beneficial instead of having water puddle up on asphalt or concrete, accumulating in puddles alongside the driveway, or being sent to the storm sewer. Property owners get the benefit of water being distributed directly into the earth.

An alternative is to have paved areas with crushed limestone in between. This can look decorative in addition to providing the drainage function. The design is suitable for driveways and paths around the property that function as sidewalks or garden paths. Adding grassy areas in the midst of these designs is another possibility that many property owners appreciate. Again, it should be noted that some maintenance will be required to keep the grass trimmed. No matter what choice the person makes, the gravel can be purchased from and delivered by a supplier such as Loftin Material.

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