Hire an Accident Attorney in Rochester MN to Avoid Mistakes as a Defendant

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


If injuries occur as a result of personal conduct, the at-fault party should keep a few things in mind to avoid making the situation worse whether they’re defending against a personal injury suit or personal injury claim. Here, readers will learn some do’s and don’ts of accident law.

What Defendants Should Do

• Call the police: After an accident, it’s important to call police so they can get statements and speak to witnesses. A police report can help a defendant if a plaintiff later changes his or her story.

Cooperate with first responders and LEOs: Don’t get in the way, as doing so will make things worse by aggravating injuries and making the defendant look bad.

Exchange information: Write down the names and contact info of everyone involved. In auto accidents, it is important to get the other party’s insurance information.

Take photos of damage and injuries, if possible. It’s also important to take photos of the area, from multiple angles.

Get medical attention: If the defendant is injured, he or she should get medical treatment. Not only does this protect the person from injuries, it accounts for damages suffered in the event of a claim against a third party.

Report the incident to the insurance company. Call the health, automobile and homeowner’s insurance companies to avoid having the claim denied.

Call a lawyer: Defendants should contact an Accident Attorney in Rochester MN as soon as possible.

Things for Defendants to Avoid

• Leaving the scene: Parties must wait at the accident scene until the police allow them to leave, or they’ve exchanged information with the other involved parties.

Moving the vehicle: In car accidents, vehicles should be moved only if they create a safety issue or it’s required by law.

Hiding or destroying evidence: Things relevant to the accident must be preserved.

Discussing the accident: After an auto accident, the defendant should not discuss its details with the other party’s lawyer or any insurer. Before speaking to an insurer or the other side’s legal team, it is important to consult an Accident Attorney in Rochester MN.

The assessment of blame and the extent of injuries may remain unknown for an extended period. To protect their rights and interests, clients should wait to discuss the case with an attorney. Visit the site to learn more or to make an appointment for a free consultation.

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