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by | Aug 10, 2023 | Podiatrist


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Orthotics are commonly associated with specialty inserts placed in shoes to help correct foot problems and abnormalities. Although custom Orthotics Foot in Jacksonville FL does account for most completed inserts, there are also some designed to correct problems with gait, ankles, knees, and hips. A podiatrist will prescribe custom inserts or brace to accommodate a multitude of issues that range from corns and bunions to deformities that cause pain. Walking boots and custom shoes can also be recommended for balance problems, patients who are diabetic, and build-up footwear for people with legs that are different lengths.

Once the order is written, patients are typically referred to a clinic that specializes in taking molds of the foot or ankle, constructing the orthotics, and fitting the finished product for the patient. The process can take two or three weeks if the mold has to be sent to another location for construction. Centers that utilize the latest technology and have on-site equipment for modifications can cut that wait time down considerably. They can also make as many changes as needed to achieve the highest level of comfort and safety for patients. Some new orthotics will feel great at first and then need modifications within the first month of wear. It may take a few modifications and visits before Orthotics Foot in Jacksonville FL is completely comfortable.

To discuss possibilities, options, costs, and materials many clinics and orthopedic centers will offer free initial consultations. That allows patients to express any concerns, ask any questions, and specify desired outcomes. It also gives the professional a better idea of how the issue manifests itself for each patient if there are any challenging obstacles, and realistic expectations for the finished product. It is not uncommon for technicians to examine the skin to check for any sores, ulcers, or open areas before making a mold, depending on the medical history of the patient. Those factors may delay the process to avoid infection or further breakdown of the skin. People in need of support or correction can contact First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic to schedule a consultation. Be sure to bring insurance information and the order from the podiatrist to the first visit to us.

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