Dealing with Child Custody in Smithtown, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


An attorney experienced in the unique issues of child custody in Smithtown, NY can assist you in making sure the best interests of your child are met. Whether you are going through a divorce and are looking to establish a new parenting plan or you need a modification to an existing plan, it is important to find the right lawyer for your case.

Finding an Attorney

Child custody issues are unique and require an attorney experienced with those issues. Look for attorneys with a passion and a background for cases involving children. Make sure they have a track record that shows they are willing to fight for their clients and the best interest of the clients’ children.

Custody Arrangements

Custody agreements can be done through agreement of the parties or by order of the court. The two most common types of child custody are sole and joint. With sole custody, there is a custodial parent and a non-custodial parent. The child lives with the custodial parent and may have visitation with the non-custodial parent. The custodial parent has the right to make decisions regarding the child. With joint custody, the child spends equal time between both parents’ homes and both parents have equal decision-making power regarding the child’s welfare, medical treatment, and education. The parties will meet to attempt to negotiate a parenting plan that is both in the best interest of the child and doable for both parents. If you are unable to come to an agreement, your child custody attorney will present information to the court and the court will decide.

Grandparent’s Rights

Parents are not the only people in a child’s life that have custody rights. A grandparent can petition the court for reasonable visitation with his or her grandchild. The grandparent must show a pre-existing relationship with the child and that visitation with him or her will be in the best interest of the child.

Whether you find yourself in the middle of a custody battle or simply need help understanding the process and your rights, an experienced child custody attorney is an important ally. Click here for more information.

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