Building a Healthier Team With Occupational Health in Cincinnati, OH

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Physicians


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Companies are more efficient and have better safety records when their employees are healthy. This does not mean they should only hire the youngest, most fit people to work for them. It means they should do whatever possible to create a safe environment and promote good health to the talented and dedicated staff already in the company. This is accomplished by partnering with a reliable medical service for all of their occupational health needs.

Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH is something that is beneficial to businesses from the moment they hire an employee. The medical service will provide comprehensive physical exams as well as vision and drug screening to ensure each individual meets the requirements of the work they must perform. Worker’s compensation exams and rehabilitation services provide the care necessary if accidents occur on the job site. Maintaining good health during employment also includes random drug screening and vaccination clinics that help to keep employees healthy and reduce accidents. It is a service that is cost effective for the company and offers many benefits to the employees.

Fast and efficient services and reliable test results make these types of services so much better than relying on various medical providers to perform the tasks. Providers of Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH work directly with each company to create programs that affect work time as little as possible. They schedule appointments and accept walk-ins as needed. Returning test and exam results quickly avoids employee downtime and gets new hires to work quickly. The services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each industry, so no one is forced to pay for testing or other services they will never use.

Certified DOT examiners and Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC) providers on staff at the clinic ensure that all testing and results meet legal standards to help protect both the employee and the company. Trained medical professionals from a variety of fields all work at one facility to make attending appointments easier. Urgent care facilities that offer occupational health services also perform emergency care faster and cheaper than a traditional emergency room. Visit the website to learn more or contact the facility to find out the details and the cost of the programs they offer.

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