Dental Cleaning and Exams at a Pet Hospital in Roswell

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2018


Pets are amazing gifts that somehow become part of the family very quickly. While they cannot communicate with words, they do so with affection and tail wagging. With all the joy they bring to a home, it’s no wonder that people invest in these creatures. Not only is adequate food and shelter required, but routine check-ups with a veterinarian are also crucial to maintain a healthy and happy fur baby. A quality vet will provide general exams, lab testing, and surgery on a variety of animals such as cats, dogs, ferrets, and exotic species.

Dental Disease: Signs and Causes

Often, oral hygiene is overlooked when seeking to maintain a pet’s overall health. There are some warning signs that indicate something may not be right and it’s time to visit the Pet Hospital in Roswell. A decrease in appetite is usually the first symptom followed by pawing at the mouth, very slow chewing due to pain, bad breath, and the inability to prevent food from falling out of the mouth.

Dental disease does not happen overnight. It starts with the slow accumulation of tartar building up on the back teeth, beginning at the gums. Tartar is simply bacteria that mineralizes when it is not removed. Gingivitis and inflammation often proceed from this and can lead to periodontal disease, with the bone that braces the tooth being ruined. This results in tooth loss and an abscess in the tooth socket that can enter the bloodstream and affect internal organs like the kidneys and heart. If anything seems amiss, it is urgent to go to to schedule an appointment.

Prevention and Treatment

The old adage that the best defense is a good offense rings true when it comes to a pet’s dental health. Daily brushing and dental treats are the first line of defense to remove bacteria that can quickly become tartar. Additionally, the Pet Hospital in Roswell can provide periodic cleanings to ensure that all is well. If any problems arise, a skilled animal doctor will provide a thorough exam and assessment. Oftentimes, x-rays play a pivotal role in diagnosing specific issues that are not visible at the surface level because vets can see underneath the gums and into the roots. Early analysis is key to early recovery.

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