Determining an Appropriate Schedule for Parenting Time in Dayton OH Can Benefit the Children

Posted By : admin , on Sep, 2014


Separation and divorce are often difficult for children to understand. Many times, parents disagree about where their children should live and which of them should make the day to day decisions for the children. After the issue of where the children will primarily live and go to school is settled, parents must determine a schedule for the other parent to spend time with their children. What used to be called visitation is now referred to as Parenting Time In Dayton OH.

When parents create their own schedule, it doesn’t have to follow the old standard of two days during the week and every other weekend. In fact, the time children spend with their noncustodial parent doesn’t even have to be equal to the amount of time they spend at home. The schedule can be created in a way that takes the needs of the children and the needs of both parents into account. In most cases, the divorce court judge will approve any reasonable parenting time schedule.

As a couple is separating or divorcing, a predictable schedule can give the children a sense of stability. When the agreement is in writing, parents are less likely to argue over the time they spend with their kids. Informal agreements are very difficult to maintain, even when the parents get along. With a formal schedule for Parenting Time In Dayton OH that is signed by the judge, noncustodial parents may be more inclined to come to pick up their children at the agreed-upon times, thus helping the children maintain a sense of balance in their lives.

Custodial parents should understand that parenting time is a separate issue from child support. If the other parent gets behind on their payments, it is not acceptable to deny him or her time with their children. The court may impose consequences for doing so. Statistics also show that noncustodial parents who are permitted to spend parenting time with their children are more likely to pay the full amount of their court-ordered child support. As most single parents know, child support can go a long way in giving their children a better life.

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