DIY Tips for Maintaining a Furnace

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Without a furnace, your home will practically be a giant freezer in the winter months. Like any other appliance, the heater needs to be periodically inspected by heating contractors in Atlanta. There are, though, a few DIY steps you can take yourself to keep the furnace running smoothly. These steps are not a replacement for professional maintenance but do keep the system operating in between professional tune-ups.

If there is any part of the furnace that can be maintained by the homeowner, it’s the filter. Once the filter is clogged, it will have to work twice as hard to produce the same heat output. Not only will this increase your energy bill, but it will also cause premature wear. Inspecting a filter is simple; simply pull it out and hold it up against a light source. If the light does not penetrate through, then it’s worn and needs to be replaced.

You have various choices when it comes to filter replacement. The most economical choice is spun fiberglass filters. They’re inexpensive and will provide a few months of filtering before needing replacement. For a sturdier variation that provides up to eight times more filtering capacity, opt for pleated disposable filters.

When it comes to other basic maintenance, the task is best left to professional heating contractors in Atlanta. If you are confident about doing your own inspection, however, then proceed by first checking the pilot light to ensure it is burning. Older furnace models require the light to be lit by hand if it goes out. If this is the case, then look over the instructions on how to do this. A step-by-step process can usually be found on the furnace’s access doors. Click here to know more.

Other steps include lubricating the blower motor, checking the flame shield and burner for corrosion, and inspecting the flue gaps for proper ventilation. These steps normally aren’t recommended for the DIYer, though feel free to look over these components if you know your way around a furnace.

The furnace works year-round and especially works overtime if your area is prone to extreme cold spells. This is why regular maintenance is crucial. Even if you are fairly adept at doing your own inspections, heating contractors in Atlanta should still be brought in biannually and particularly before winter to prevent an unexpected breakdown at the time of year when you need the furnace most.

Heating contractors in Atlanta such as R.S.Andrews can perform a routine maintenance to ensure your furnace is working properly. Should a problem be detected, heating contractors in Atlanta will be able to diagnose the problem and perform prompt repairs.

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