Useful Details About 5kW Solar Systems

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


5kWhat? 5kW, or 5 kilowatt refers to the amount of watts a solar panel is able to generate. In the past, expectations were much lower. Increased solar power system production combined with rising electricity costs have contributed to this number steadily raising from 1.5kW to 3kW to now 5kW. Ultimately, what this means for you as a consumer or potential solar PV (photovoltaic) owner is that solar energy, after government rebates, is roughly half as much as it was last year.

Hidden Pricing And Avoiding Cheap Panels

As stated above, manufacturer costs on solar panels have been driven down considerably in the past few years because of manufacturer competition. Because there are more manufacturers of solar panels than ever and like any market, there are inferior products. Researching the best companies or talking to a solar heating professional company is the only way to avoid buying an inefficient solar panel system. Deciding on how you’ll hang or arrange your solar panels is another step many new buyers overlook and often a step installers will not talk about on their websites. This is because it can be a costly step, but any reputable installation company will cover solar racking and railing. Racking and Railing, in Australia, is very important. Due to the harsh environmental conditions, you must think about protecting your investment by researching and properly installing your 5kW solar panels.

Types Of Panels And Installation

Roof racking systems composed of tile and metal allow for maximum flexibility on commercial and residential roofs. It’s a great option for traditional solar panels to insure they are flush with a pitched roof. One great feature to this style of installation is that much of it can be done on the ground and brought to the roof.

How much peak sun hours or PSH your panels receive is largely dependent on how your panels are arranged and where. If they sit in an area that catches any sun, this will affect your overall PSH number and ultimately the amount of kW your panels generate. Tilt frame installation is excellent for flat roofs and ensures panels are as effective as possible.

Pole mounted systems are great for more rural areas where a structure may not be the best option for installation. Perhaps you have land you’d like to use specifically for cultivating solar energy. In this case, a pole-mounted system would be ideal. There is a lot to learn about solar systems and 5kW panels, but if you do your research and contact a solar installation professional, the process shouldn’t be nearly as daunting as it would’ve seemed just a few years ago.

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