Do You Need Legal Advice And Help When Dealing With Social Security?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Sooner or later, almost everyone in the US will call upon Social Security. Social Security is there when a person retires, becomes disabled and can help a family when a spouse or parent passes away. There are currently close to 60 million people in the country receiving some type of benefit, about half of these people are retirees and a great number are receiving disability benefits.

There is rarely any reason to involve a lawyer when applying for retirement benefits, the payments that have been made over the years are all recorded and in the majority of cases applying for Social Security in Kansas City is simple and straight forward.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those that are planning to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Winning a disability case can be very difficult:

Although there are few denials of retirement benefits, there are more denials than approvals when the applicant is applying for disability benefits. Approximately seven out of ten applications are denied. This leaves the applicant with two choices; either give up or lodge an appeal.

The appeal process is multi-stage; the first stage is to simply ask that your original application be reviewed. Rarely does anything come out of this request as nothing has changed.

The majority of those that elect to appeal will hire a lawyer that focuses his or her practice on Social Security in Kansas City. The second stage of the appeals process is where the majority of denials are overturned; this stage is a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. During this hearing you and your lawyer will be given an opportunity to present new and compelling evidence to support your contention that you are disabled and unable to work.

The chances of finally getting approved are actually quite good when you employ a seasoned Social Security lawyer to help you through the appeals process.

Social Security in Kansas City is available to those that have retired and those that are suffering from a disabling condition. If your application for disability benefits has been rejected you are invited to discuss the details of your case with the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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