Three Reasons to Buy OEM Car Parts in San Fernando Valley, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Having your vehicle repaired in a garage can be expensive, but you can save money by making small, simple repairs yourself. After you have figured out the problem, the next task is to acquire the parts you need to perform the repair. When you go to purchase auto parts, you can choose from the following types:


• Aftermarket

• Rebuilt

• Used

The best parts to choose for your vehicle are OEM, or original equipment manufacturer parts, for the following reasons.

High Quality Parts

When you purchase OEM parts for a vehicle, you are buying parts which have been produced according to the original manufacturer’s specifications. This means that the car parts in San Fernando Valley, CA will fit the vehicle exactly like the original parts do. Aftermarket engine parts may not fit precisely, which can cause air leakage problems with the motor and can keep the vehicle from performing as it should.

Parts Warranty

OEM parts usually have a manufacturer’s warranty, which means that if a part fails, the manufacturer will replace it. While every warranty from companies producing OEM parts can be a little bit different, having the warranty can give you peace of mind if the part you purchased was expensive. While OEM car parts may be a little more expensive than aftermarket parts, the warranty you receive with it is worth the extra cost if the part turns out to be faulty.

Made to Last

Since OEM car parts are made per the manufacturer specifications and undergo standardized testing, they will last longer than cheap aftermarket parts. Since they are produced precisely for your vehicle model, they can provide optimal vehicle performance. When you go online to order parts, browse the site to find OEM parts instead of ordering anything else.

Even if you need to have a mechanic repair your car, ask them to use only OEM car parts on it. You might have to pay more for them, but they will decrease the likelihood that the problem with your vehicle will ever happen again.

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