Don’t Forget X Banner Stands for Easy Display

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


You’re all set up at your first trade show. You’ve really put a lot of work into your display with professionally designed promotional materials and great giveaway items. You’ve even gone the extra mile – splurged a little with the publicity budget – and purchased professionally designed and printed vinyl banners.

These banners turned out really beautifully, too. You’re a little jittery at the money you’ve spent to make your display look really good, but you know the banners are the icing on the cake, and the extra visibility will be well worth it when you leave the trade show with a bunch of new networking leads and potential clients.

Plan for Proper Display Setup

You arrive early and get everything set up: your table and backdrop are in place, and all the promotional materials are neatly arranged. It’s perfect; you just have to do one more thing: set up the banners. It’s then that you realize with dismay that you have nothing to set them up on. What are you supposed to do? Lean them against the table? That won’t work – they’ll obscure the rest of your display. Heavyhearted, you pile the banners up behind the table.

As you’re looking around at the other people setting up, you realize they have nifty stands for their professionally designed banners. You ask the guy beside you what the stands are called so you can order some for next time, and he explains that they are referred to as X banner stands. They are light and easily portable, he explains, making them a great choice for temporary exhibits at venues like trade shows and in lobbies.

X Banner Stands Make Temporary Display Easy

“Where might one purchase such an innovative invention as the X banner stand,” you ask. Your friendly neighbor informs you that New York Banners is the place to go for everything banner-related, even X banner stands. These stands even come with their own travel bags when you order from New York Banners, he explains.

Riding down your disappointment, you jot down the web site of this innovative banner company,, and promise yourself to visit the site at your earliest convenience (definitely before the next trade show). You’re so disappointed that you didn’t get to use your banners this time that you know a few X banner stands will be well worth the investment so you can showcase your gorgeous banners and get a that extra attention from those passing by your display.

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