How Can a Slip and Fall Attorney in Gig Harbor Help with Obtaining a Settlement?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Slip and fall accidents generally occur in a business setting, but it’s not always easy to see who is liable if a person needs to obtain compensation to cover their injuries. Since the injuries from a slip and fall can range from minor bruising to death, obtaining compensation is essential in a variety of cases. To find out how a slip and fall attorney in Gig Harbor can help, it’s important to consider how the accident happened and who could be liable for the accident.

How Did the Accident Occur?

Slip and fall accidents might occur inside the building if the floor is not kept clean. A person can trip on objects in the walkway they might not have seen, spills from another person’s drink earlier that wasn’t cleaned promptly, or because of water leaking during a storm that isn’t blocked off and contained. They could also trip and fall because of an uneven patch of flooring, a shelf sticking too far out, or because of a carpet that’s rolled up a little bit. Outside of the business, the person could trip on uneven sidewalks, a larger than expected step, or because of ice on the sidewalk.

Who Is Liable for the Accident?

In many cases, the business is going to be liable for the accident, but not always. If the business rents their location, they may not be liable if a person trips because of uneven flooring in the building or issues with the sidewalks outside. In these and similar cases, the owner of the property might be liable instead; however, for spills in the business, items in the walkway and similar issues, the business will likely be liable no matter if they rent or own the property.

Once the cause and liability are determined, a slip and fall attorney in Gig Harbor can start working on obtaining compensation for their client. Often, this is done through negotiations with the liable party’s insurance company. If these are not successful, the attorney can take the case to court to ensure their client obtains an adequate settlement to cover all expenses from the accident. For more information on slip and fall accidents or to seek help if you have fallen and been injured, visit Anthony C. Otto online today.

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