Don’t Let Your Lender Proceed with Foreclosure in Fairfield, OH without Asking for Help

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Mar, 2016


Foreclosure in Fairfield OH has become increasingly common as prices of even the most basic necessities continue to surge and salaries fail to meet those growing expenses. A number of families turn to bankruptcy when faced with this type of situation, but this isn’t the best answer for everyone. Certain circumstances surrounding your foreclosure may be used in your favor, but even if this is the case, you must take action as soon as possible once your lender begins court proceedings against you.

If you’ve received a pre-foreclosure notice in the mail or a summons from the court informing you your lender intends to foreclose, you may want to schedule a consultation with R. Dean Snyder Attorney at Law. His legal team will be able to evaluate your situation to determine if you may have a case against the lender. The owner of your mortgage may have failed to follow protocol when filing a complaint with the court, or exactly who owns your loan may be questioned.

Having recently applied for a loan modification may also help build your case. Lending institutions have a tendency to drag out the loan modification process in some cases. If you chose this route in an attempt to help lower your payments and avoid Foreclosure in Fairfield OH in the first place, an attorney might be able to prove this in court. In other cases, lenders have been caught dual tracking, or proceeding with a foreclosure and loan modification simultaneously. This is a federal offense and can be fought in court.

Military families are a particularly protected sector of the population when it comes to foreclosure, so if you fall into this category, speak with an attorney. First off, if you acquired your loan before leaving for active duty, your lender isn’t legally allowed to foreclose. In the event you can prove your current income is significantly less than during your military service, you could also be eligible for assistance.

Whether you believe your account was mishandled by your lender or the bank is attempting to foreclose despite your service in the military, don’t hesitate to consult with a legal representative. The process could be stopped or, at the very least, delayed for a short time. Not all foreclosure victims are able to halt the process, but many have been able to fight it and keep their homes.

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