Don’t Set the Roof on Fire: Business Fire Protection in Pettis County

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2014


There is nothing more frightening than receiving a call from the fire department that one’s business is burning down. Even worse is if the call comes too late to salvage any important documents because the existing fire alarm system was inactive or not present. Fire alarms help business owners and even homeowners be aware that there is a fire in the building by making shrill noises, loud enough to wake even the soundest of sleepers. Choosing the right fire alarm for one’s business can make all the difference between saving lives and the building, or between emergency medical transponders carrying body bags amid the smoking and blackened ruins of the building.

For Business Fire Protection in Pettis County, most choose fire alarm systems because they are more than just a simple smoke detector. With a business fire alarm system, owners will receive manual pull stations, contraptions that detect smoke, and overhead sprinklers to help put out the fire. The pull stations are rectangular red boxes that have a white “pull” bar that sets off the alarm to alert all in the business to the fire. Smoke detectors are often white with little slots to detect when significant amounts of smoke are in the building. Some packages that offer Business Fire Protection in Pettis County include heat detectors. Usually, the building will be hot before it becomes smoky, so a heat detector is a valuable item to have for the earliest warning sign of a fire.

After one chooses a protection package, it should be tested and inspected yearly, if not biannually. Often with business fire protection, the system will set off the alarm and alert the authorities as soon as the alarm has been activated. When buying such a system, business owners should consider the building’s size to ensure that there is an alarm in every room and that they are wired to each other for the best alert process. Some alarms are powered by batteries. If this is the case with one’s business fire protection system, ensure that the batteries are tested at least once each month to prevent the system from running out. Check out the Nightwatch company in Pettis County. One can discover this info here and be better prepared to prevent business fires.

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