Driveway Pavers in Norwich CT: Factors That Determine the Driveway Quality

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Business Services


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Driveways are an important feature in a home and commercial area. Besides their primary purpose, they also make a home more attractive and appealing. A well done asphalt driveway can also be used for other activities like playing basketball and is also a good playground for kids. Professional driveway Pavers in Norwich CT can be relied upon to repair, replace and overlay a driveway to make it modern and new. The secret having a desirable driveway solely depends on the Driveway Pavers in Norwich CT you choose and the following three factors.

Good Design

A driveway that is professionally designed can provide up to 20 years of exemplary service. Great attention is paid to the base by ensuring that it is solid and strong. The sub-grade is made to be smooth, firm and contoured so that it can easily match the real layout of the driveway. An aggregate of properly crushed and compacted granular base of about 6-8 inches is added on the surface of the sub-grade. Hot mix asphalt is then added as the pavement. The pavement slope should run from the crown to the edge and it has to be 18 inches after every 100 feet.

Construction Materials

The traditional HMA mixes are recommended for driveways whose strength is not a big concern. The type of the asphalt mix used is selected according to the local environmental conditions. For instance, the cement temperature range will differ from place to place. Obtaining the asphalt mix from certified producer helps to make sure that the right range of temperature is selected.

Professional Construction

Driveway Pavers in Norwich CT that are in business for long term benefits will purposes to provide durable driveways that will earn the satisfaction of the client. The equipments used have to be modern and well maintained. Employing the best construction practices is the only way of avoiding shortcuts that lead to low quality of the final product. A professional is just one, and there should not be any excuse for shallowly done work.

The Driveway Guys of CT are paving contractors with immeasurable experience trailing behind them. Their products are superior and the rates very competitive. Whether it is seal coating, repairing, replacing or overlaying the driveway with asphalt, this is just where it all begins and ends.

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