DUI Attorneys in Mankato, MN Know That Repeat Offenders Often Have an Underlying Mental Illness

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Lawyers


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DUI attorneys in Mankato, MN understand that certain factors are often associated with repeat offenders. For instance, some estimates show that around 50% of people who habitually drive while intoxicated have some form of mental illness. That may be a condition considered relatively minor, such as generalized anxiety disorder, or it may be a serious illness like bipolar disorder. Knowing a client has this type of condition can be helpful in DUI defense provided by an organization such as Blatz Law Office.


A definitive diagnosis will be necessary before the disorder can be used in the defense. Typically, this requires an evaluation by a psychiatrist and not a psychologist, since a psychiatrist is a medical doctor and can prescribe medication if necessary.

Anxiety and Depression

A person who drinks excessively to calm anxiety, for instance, will probably feel much better when taking anti-anxiety medication until other recommended calming methods become ingrained. Commonly prescribed medications for anxiety disorder are not intended to be taken for the long term. In contrast, someone with clinical depression may be able to safely take antidepressant medication for many years.

Negotiating a Lesser Penalty

Repeat offenders are usually subject to steep penalties. The defendant may still face another DUI conviction, but may be able to receive lesser penalties if he or she agrees to enter a rehab program and get treatment for the mental illness. A jail sentence might be waived as long as the person completes these probationary requirements.

To achieve this outcome, it’s crucial for the defendant to hire one of the DUI attorneys in Mankato, MN for aggressive legal representation. These results can be nearly impossible to negotiate without professional legal assistance.

A lawyer can present authoritative information about dual diagnosis disorders, which are mental problems that include both a mental illness and a substance abuse issue. People with a mental health disorder are significantly more likely to abuse alcohol or other drugs. A person who has been charged with a repeat DUI offense and believes an underlying mental problem could be a factor may visit the website Blatzlawminnesota.com and find contact information there.

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