Effective glass replacement can benefit your business

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Business


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Replacing the glass in your storefront is something that is not only done when it is damaged. Glass replacement can have a significant impact on the cost of heating and cooling your store.

Benefits to your business:

Glass replacement in Monterey is one of the things that you can do to increase the appearance and curb appeal of your business; the result is more customers. Store windows that are damaged or heavily soiled from years of exposure to dirt and grime are a deterrent to business. Brand new glass leaves the impression that the business is modern and represents quality products and services.

Increase energy efficiency:

When considering glass replacement in Monterey, an important factor to take into consideration is that modern windows are far more energy efficient than windows were many years ago. Many of the best new windows are double and even triple glazed, this feature ensures that the heat and air conditioned air stay in the building rather than leak out through poorly sealed frames.

Interior appearance:

Not only does new glass enhance the exterior of your business premises, it has equal impact on the interior. High quality new glass allows a great amount of natural light into the space; this means that you can reduce the amount of lighting that is required. The addition of skylights is an added feature that can bring additional light into the store without increasing the cost of electricity.

If your business premises are starting to show their age, rather than relocate and jeopardize losing customers it is amazing a coat of paint, updated product displays and glass replacement can do. Today, you can chose from tinted glass, frosted glass as well as high impact safety glass to enhance your business brand and reduce the cost of heating and cooling.

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