Keeping Wildlife Out Of Dumpsters in Suffolk County NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


When a restaurant uses Dumpsters in Suffolk County NY to hold their trash, there is a chance of it being invaded by wildlife if proper steps are not taken to keep them away. Since a restaurant deals with food products, wild animals will be attracted to the enclosure if there is a noticeable odor emitting from the container. Here are some steps restaurant owners can take in an attempt to keep their dumpster free of wild animal entry, so trash does not become strewn on the property as a result.

It is a good idea to have the dumpster placed in an area far from the view of the restaurant if possible. This will keep it away from customers so if wildlife does invade, the animals will not be a risk to them. Do not place the dumpster in a sunny area as this will amplify the smells that will be coming out of the dumpster.

It is extremely important to keep the lid on the dumpster closed at all times. If larger animals make their way into the enclosure, it could be beneficial to put cinder blocks or bricks on top of it, so it stays shut. Chains could also be used to keep the lid on a dumpster shut.

Double-bagging trash will be helpful in keeping smell, from being emitted from the container. Use a deodorizing powder to help absorb leaking liquids from the dumpster as well.

Deterrents may be useful in keeping wildlife away from a dumpster. Try using rubber snakes or plastic owl or hawk decoys to scare away smaller animals. Larger animals would be afraid of sounds in the area. Hang some wind chimes to keep them from getting too close to the enclosure. Putting motion-detecting lighting toward the dumpster will also be helpful in scaring off larger animals from the area.

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