Elements to Consider for Funerals in Davis CA

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


Planning a funeral for a loved one is never an easy task. Funeral directors can help with the process, but the final decisions are left to spouses, children, and others who were close to the deceased. Here are some examples of elements that can be considered for Funerals in Davis CA. Who Can Officiate?Designating a person to officiate at the service is important. That person will help to ensure the service is conducted in a manner that is dignified but also in keeping with the personality of the deceased. In many instances, a clergy person associated with the religious organization that the deceased belonged to will fill this role. When the deceased did not claim any specific religion, it is perfectly acceptable for a relative or a close friend to fill this role.


Choosing music for Funerals in Davis CA can involve considering several different approaches. If the deceased had certain hymns or songs that meant a lot to him or her, they can certainly be used as part of the service. For example, instrumental music may be used as part of the prelude as people gather for the service proper. During the service, soloists or small groups may sing some of the selected music. At other times, inviting the congregation to sing as a way of honoring the deceased is also appropriate.


Poetry, passages from various sacred works, and even a note prepared by the deceased in advance, are all appropriate readings for a funeral service. The goal is to make sure they all celebrate the life of the deceased, and also offer a measure of comfort to those who are grieving.

The Spoken Word

For the religious, a sermon offered by a clergy person is common in a funeral service. It is also possible to set aside some time for loved ones to share anecdotes about the deceased. These two elements can bring comfort, make it easier to remember good times, and help those assembled come to terms with their loss. There is no one right way to structure a funeral service. With the help of a funeral director, it is possible to choose the elements that will help those left behind to honor their loved one, comfort one another during a trying time, and even begin the process of healing.

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