Emergency Care versus Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati OH

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Health


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If you are in a life threatening emergency situation, then you need to contact 911 or the local emergency number. If you are not able to do this, then you should request that someone calls for you, or that they take you to the closest facility for care. However, in other situations where you need Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati OH, but you are not facing an emergency situation, then an urgent care facility may be appropriate.

When to Use Urgent Care

Urgent Medical Care in Cincinnati OH is for any conditions that need prompt attention, but that do not pose a serious or immediate threat to your life or health. Some examples of when you should visit an urgent care facility include a painful ear infection or cases when you sprain your ankle or wrist. You will not have to make an appointment to visit an urgent care clinic.

What to Expect at Urgent Care

The majority of urgent care facilities will take your insurance, or have a lower rate to see the doctor than what the emergency room charges. This will ensure that you can receive prompt medical attention and not have to wait for your doctor to be open or to schedule you an appointment.

Additionally, the majority of urgent care facilities are open after normal doctor’s office business hours. This means that you will have access to medical care, without having to visit the emergency room. This is extremely appealing to a large number of people since it will reduce the costs they incur, as well as the wait time to see the doctor.

It is importing to find an urgent care facility near you, so you know that they are available if you are ever in a situation where you need their services. For more information about these types of services and the benefits that they offer, you can Click here. This will help you determine when you should visit an emergency room or an urgent care facility. Remember if you are facing any type of serious or life-threatening issue, going to the emergency room should be the course of action that you take.

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