Make a Trendy Fashion Statement with a Short Sleeve Pullover

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Feb, 2015


When it comes to fashion, there are a lot of different trends and styles that you can choose from, depending on your own personal taste and your general sense of style. A short sleeve pullover can make a fashion statement all its own. There are many different types and styles of the short sleeve pullover, and it also comes in a variety of different materials and designs. Both long sleeve and short sleeve pullovers happen to be the most common types of pullover clothing items currently on the market. There are also long and short sleeve sweaters that can be classified as pullovers. Some of these pullover-clothing items are made with hoods and are often referred to as “hoodies.” Many pullovers are not made with hoods, however, and the short sleeve pullover tops are less often designed with a hood than the long sleeve pullover tops.

Short Sleeve Pullover

The short sleeve pullover can be made from virtually any fabric or material; though, the most commonly used fabric is usually cotton or a cotton mix. Polyester is also a widely used fabric in designing a short sleeve pullover. A short sleeve pullover can come in virtually any color or color scheme, and some are even designed with side pockets and/or a pocket on the front. Also, some short sleeve pullover tops are designed with a hood attached; however, these “short sleeve pullover “hoodies” are not quite as common as the ones that are designed without the attached hood.

Long Sleeve Pullover

The long sleeve pullover can be made from a variety of different materials and fabrics as well. These can also come in a plethora of designs, colors and/or color schemes. The long sleeve pullover is usually made to be a little bit thicker, and is a good choice for when the weather is not suitable for short sleeve clothing. Long sleeve pullover tops can be more comfortable to wear than a sweater or regular outerwear jacket, due to the fact that they are not as heavy as a jacket and the fabric they are made from is not as uncomfortable as the material of most sweaters. Some of these long sleeve pullovers are also designed with hoods, and some of them may even have side pockets and/or a front pocket.


The short sleeve pullover is a trendy fashion statement as it can be worn either alone as a regular top, or it can be also worn over another top. For an even bolder fashion statement, you can wear a long sleeve shirt up under your short sleeve pullover. This look is more prevalent in the fall and the spring, where the weather can be somewhat unpredictable at times.

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