Energy Efficiency with Windows in Colorado Springs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


When your windows are in poor condition, you may notice that your electric bills rise. This can also make the temperature in your home uncomfortable or hard to regulate. Cold and heat can escape through cracks or windows that are pulling away from the frames. Older windows may also be too thin to save you money on utilities.

Older Homes

Older homes can be beautiful, but inefficient. It is important to get the proper updates when you purchase an older home. Windows can cause some significant heat and cold loss. This can be detrimental to your budget if the bills become too high. During extreme weather, you may also be very uncomfortable. It is difficult to keep the home warm or cool when you have old, thin windows. You may find that you are constantly adjusting the thermostat. These thin windows can also break easily. There are some great options for affordable windows in Colorado Springs. A settling foundation on an older home can also cause the windows to be inefficient and to move out of their frames.

Making a Choice

You may be tempted to leave the windows in the home while you save for replacements. This can be a poor choice, as your energy bills are going to cost quite a bit. It is often more cost efficient to get them replaced as soon as possible. Repairs can often be done to help you buy some time. If your windows are aging and your electric bill is high, you may want to try to replace all the glass. Talk to a professional about the possibility of financing or take out a loan. Visit for more information.

There are several different reasons why you may need a window repair or replacement. It is always best to have a professional assess the situation at your home, they can determine the most energy efficient and cost-efficient service for you.

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