Renting a Dumpster in San Antonio, TX for a De-Cluttering Project

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


Many times, when people finally decide to get rid of clutter in the house, they realize they have a very large number of worthless possessions. Much of what they want to dispose of wouldn’t even be of value to a thrift shop. Some of it is recyclable and some of it is just garbage. These individuals can dispose of all this stuff by renting a Dumpster in San Antonio TX from a company that sorts recycling from trash back at the facility.

The Other Alternative

The other alternative usually involves making numerous pickup truck loads to a facility that accepts old furniture, appliances, and other large items. This is more time-consuming and labor-intensive than carrying everything out to a dumpster in the driveway. A rental Dumpster in San Antonio TX can have a door opening from the side so large objects are more easily placed in it without lifting.

Easy Accumulation

People with a large home, especially if it has plenty of extra room for storage, can easily accumulate a large number of things over the years and never get around to dealing with these possessions. They receive Christmas gifts they don’t like. They inherit items from an estate and can’t stand to go through all of the person’s things. They save plastic containers and glass jars over the years, thinking they might need those items some day.

Making Decisions Ahead of Time

Before renting the container from a company like Tiger Sanitation, the household should decide which things will go in the dumpster and perhaps even start moving these objects to a central location. Dumpsters can be rented by the day or longer, but having one sitting in the driveway while the customers try to decide what to put in there and what to keep costs more money. This may be especially important when dealing with estate items that could have sentimental or nostalgic value but would not be worth anything dollar-wise.

Once the container is on the property, the project can go speedily if they have done some thinking and sorting beforehand. Anyone planning a de-cluttering project may check out the website You can also connect them on Facebook.

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