Equipment is King in the Turf and Agriculture Equipment Industry in Georgia

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2020


There is nothing quite as beautiful as a well-maintained golf course. It takes hard work for greenskeepers to achieve and maintain that manicured success. It also takes smart work and good equipment. But it is not just golf course superintendents who are concerned with cultivating healthy turf. Sports fields and grounds personnel, farmers and landscapers also benefit from the reliable and efficient solutions in the turf and agriculture equipment industry create.

Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

Customers of turf and agricultural equipment can choose between granular and liquid fertilizers applicators. Liquid fertilizer has grown in popularity recently and is preferred by many who want to achieve precise placement of the fertilizer on both sides of a row. For them, there are a few fertilizer applicators that will achieve that precise fertilizer placement they seek.

Equipment options for fertilizer placement include the following:

  • The Planter Front Mounted Double Disc Opener attaches directly to the planter for positive fertilizer placement. This field-proven heavy-duty applicator requires no drilling for mounts.
  • The Planter Rear Mounted Fertilizer Opener achieves precise starter fertilizer placement on both sides of the row. The disc can also be pitched slightly to open the furrow.
  • The 1 3/8″ Round Shank Double Disc Opener is also available for dry fertilizer.

Choose the Right Equipment

Liquid Fertilizer Applicators are an expense that offers a good return on investment for people using turf and agriculture equipment. Finding the right tools for the job means saving time and money and using better ways to aerate and remove thatch so you can more efficiently seed and fertilize.

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